So as the title suggests, today hasn’t actually been the best day. I work in tech, and as many of you know the tech industry is probably one of the worse places for women. No not because women can’t cut it. Far from that. It’s because men…unfortunately can be first class a*holes in the industry.

It’s like no matter how hard you work, how smart you are, how capable…men will ALWAYS find a way to bring you down. Of course, as we all have recently learned. It’s not just the tech industry that this problem persists; this type of behavior runs rampant across ALL industries. Which is sad. I mean it’s more than just sad, it’s just unbelievable. My husband, sometimes…doesn’t get it. He says he doesn’t understand because he tries very hard not to be one of those a*holes, (and I can vouch for that. He also comes from a family with a ton of aunts; strong-minded single ladies…so yeah, lots of female influence growing up.) so sometimes when I am ranting to him about my work-day, about how, I had worked hard on a project, and instead of getting proper and constructive feedback…I get “looks cute and girly”. He can’t really believe it. He doesn’t understand. He doesn’t get how anyone could say an organized color coded, well thought through flow/sitemap which mind you…did not have pictures of kittens or any pink in it…could be “cute and girly”? Coz seriously if I wasn’t under NDA and could post an image of the flow, you guys would see it’s really just a normal looking flow diagram.

What is worse about the situation, is that I actually got confirmation that when that statement was passed…tech a*hole didn’t even really look at it. And I mean really look at it, look at the content. He just gave it a passing glance…and gave me that statement..why? Coz I’m a girl…so it’s just girly? It can’t possibly correct! Honestly, I think he was pissed, that it looked better than anything he could have done.

My husband said he doesn’t understand men like that…so he can’t relate, he said…it’s not part of his everyday life, meaning he tries hard not to treat women like that. Which is great. Unfortunately…it’s part of MY everyday life…because I am a woman and not all men are like my husband. So I always have to remind myself, that I am good at what I do…and any man that tries to make me believe otherwise can go suck it.

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