This weekend has just been a very busy one. From Friday night, seafood buffet with some visiting Malaysians, hospital, and clinic visits for Flu Shots for everyone (except me) to spending the night in the city…I’m about ready to start another weekend! I really can’t believe it’s Sunday night already. I am so exhausted. Honestly, it’s probably because I am not 100% recovered from my Flu. I didn’t actually go see a doctor when I got sick. I mostly just self-medicated and laid in bed, but when we took Liam to check out why he was vomiting the past couple of days and also give him his flu shot his doctor was convinced what I had was the flu. The doctor at the clinic where Tom and Eli got their flu shot was also saying I had the flu and refused to give me a shot. Apparently, I should come back in a week or 2 to get one. She wanted to make sure I was fully recovered before anything was administered to me.

Anyway, we are still not sure why Liam had that vomiting spell. Doctors think it was probably a one-day viral thing that passed. I am thinking it could be that or that he needs glasses. I have yet to find a suitable time to take him in to get his eyes checked. But yeah, at least we got everyone their shots! Tom and I (mostly me) have already decided we need to actually pencil in flu shot appointments on our calendars for the next flu season. I am definitely not going to go through this again.

In other news. The boys did enjoy their night at the hotel and with their friend Alex. They didn’t really get to do much, but they loved just hanging out at the hotel and enjoying each other’s company, and I thought that was nice.

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