Baby Elijah

I am so horrible at writing now, and maintaining a blog for longer than a week seems like an impossible feat after having a kid. Well now I have 2 kids. Elijah Jaffar Sparrow was born July 27th 2015. This post is…of course late. 7 weeks late to be exact. I have 2 boys now. Not something I had pictured for myself. To be honest I never really pictured myself being a mom. I never really thought about it much. Well not until I got married, even then I didn’t immediately think of kids, not like some women do at least. I did however thought, that if I had a kid…I would be a mom to a girl. I figured I always wanted a sister, maybe since I never had one, I would have a daughter. I wasn’t upset when I found out my first was going to be a

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