Baby Elijah

I am so horrible at writing now, and maintaining a blog for longer than a week seems like an impossible feat after having a kid. Well now I have 2 kids. Elijah Jaffar Sparrow was born July 27th 2015. This post is…of course late. 7 weeks late to be exact. I have 2 boys now. Not something I had pictured for myself.

To be honest I never really pictured myself being a mom. I never really thought about it much. Well not until I got married, even then I didn’t immediately think of kids, not like some women do at least. I did however thought, that if I had a kid…I would be a mom to a girl. I figured I always wanted a sister, maybe since I never had one, I would have a daughter. I wasn’t upset when I found out my first was going to be a boy. I sort of half expected it to be a boy. So about 3 years after having Liam, Tom and I tried again.

And of course, when do I find out I am pregnant? While on my trip to Malaysia. I guess the fact that I was in such a foul mood for most of the trip should have been a big hint. Although, the crazy humidity, insane traffic, and all around chaos could have also attributed.

Anyway fast forward to today…instead of a 7 week old daughter we have another boy. Was I sad when I found out we were having another boy? And not a girl like I had expected? Sure I was. I was devastated…for probably a week. I really had thought I would be having a daughter. I mean I already had 2 brothers and a son…why wouldn’t I have a daughter? In my mind, the universe had owed me a daughter. I got over it though. I figured having 2 boys won’t be that bad. The boys will be the best of friends.

Today as I look at my beautiful boy’s face…I can’t imagine why I had gotten so upset before. I wouldn’t trade him for anything! Elijah is the cutest little guy any mom could ask for. He drives me insane with his constant need to nurse, but other than that he’s absolutely perfect. I love you little one.

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