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Busy weekend

This weekend has just been a very busy one. From Friday night, seafood buffet with some visiting Malaysians, hospital, and clinic visits for Flu Shots for everyone (except me) to spending the night in the city…I’m about ready to start another weekend! I really can’t believe it’s Sunday night already. I am so exhausted. Honestly, it’s probably because I am not 100% recovered from my Flu. I didn’t actually go see a doctor when I got sick. I mostly just self-medicated and laid in bed, but when we took Liam to check out why he was vomiting the past couple of days and also give him his flu shot his doctor was convinced what I had was the flu. The doctor at the clinic where Tom and Eli got their flu shot was also saying I had the flu and refused to give me a shot. Apparently, I should come back in a week or 2 to get one. She wanted to make sure I was fully recovered before anything was administered to me.

Anyway, we are still not sure why Liam had that vomiting spell. Doctors think it was probably a one-day viral thing that passed. I am thinking it could be that or that he needs glasses. I have yet to find a suitable time to take him in to get his eyes checked. But yeah, at least we got everyone their shots! Tom and I (mostly me) have already decided we need to actually pencil in flu shot appointments on our calendars for the next flu season. I am definitely not going to go through this again.

In other news. The boys did enjoy their night at the hotel and with their friend Alex. They didn’t really get to do much, but they loved just hanging out at the hotel and enjoying each other’s company, and I thought that was nice.

Cold & Flu Season

This winter has probably been the worst flu season ever. I can’t even keep track of how many times my kids and I have gotten sick. Yesterday was the worse for me. It felt like I was run over a truck. I literally couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t talk, or swallow. My throat hurts, my head hurts, everything just aches. I feel slightly better today, but not by very much. I still have a hard time trying to swallow anything. Sore throats are the worse. Like stuffy noses and coughs are annoying, but sore throats for me are always the thing that makes me like totally give up…like I can pretty much soldier on if I have a slight fever and stuffy nose. I can still work, and take care of my family etc, but when I have a sore throat…that’s when my body basically shuts down. It’s like nope…nope…you’re not working today, nope…none of that taking care of the kids, nope…what are you thinking…there’s no cooking and cleaning for you.

Yeah, it always starts with an itchy throat…if I am lucky my body fights it off before it gets worse, but when it can’t and I get that sudden swollen pain in the back of my throat…it takes my body a matter of minutes to just shut down…completely. That is what happened yesterday, I mean I felt the itchy throat on Thursday, which worried me. So right before bed, I reminded myself to take some Advil. Then Friday morning came along and I could feel it. I tend to WFH on Fridays, but we always have morning meetings, and I could feel my throat just getting worse and worse by the minute. By noon…my body was done for. I couldn’t even keep my head up. I was having fever chills and aches all over. I was loading up on meds, but it didn’t feel like anything was working. So I basically locked myself in my bedroom (I really didn’t want anyone else to get sick) and laid in bed all day. Thank god for Tom. He was amazing. He came home and helped with giving the kids dinner and taking care of them for the night. The kids are with him right now too, as he is doing the weekly grocery shopping I usually do on Saturdays.

Anyway, hopefully, this doesn’t last too long. I still have a ton of work I need to finish and catch up on before Monday!

Another Week, Another Day…Another Jerk

So as the title suggests, today hasn’t actually been the best day. I work in tech, and as many of you know the tech industry is probably one of the worse places for women. No not because women can’t cut it. Far from that. It’s because men…unfortunately can be first class a*holes in the industry.

It’s like no matter how hard you work, how smart you are, how capable…men will ALWAYS find a way to bring you down. Of course, as we all have recently learned. It’s not just the tech industry that this problem persists; this type of behavior runs rampant across ALL industries. Which is sad. I mean it’s more than just sad, it’s just unbelievable. My husband, sometimes…doesn’t get it. He says he doesn’t understand because he tries very hard not to be one of those a*holes, (and I can vouch for that. He also comes from a family with a ton of aunts; strong-minded single ladies…so yeah, lots of female influence growing up.) so sometimes when I am ranting to him about my work-day, about how, I had worked hard on a project, and instead of getting proper and constructive feedback…I get “looks cute and girly”. He can’t really believe it. He doesn’t understand. He doesn’t get how anyone could say an organized color coded, well thought through flow/sitemap which mind you…did not have pictures of kittens or any pink in it…could be “cute and girly”? Coz seriously if I wasn’t under NDA and could post an image of the flow, you guys would see it’s really just a normal looking flow diagram.

What is worse about the situation, is that I actually got confirmation that when that statement was passed…tech a*hole didn’t even really look at it. And I mean really look at it, look at the content. He just gave it a passing glance…and gave me that statement..why? Coz I’m a girl…so it’s just girly? It can’t possibly correct! Honestly, I think he was pissed, that it looked better than anything he could have done.

My husband said he doesn’t understand men like that…so he can’t relate, he said…it’s not part of his everyday life, meaning he tries hard not to treat women like that. Which is great. Unfortunately…it’s part of MY everyday life…because I am a woman and not all men are like my husband. So I always have to remind myself, that I am good at what I do…and any man that tries to make me believe otherwise can go suck it.